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Talvar Movie Review

Movie means entertainment and entertainment doesn't means Item songs any more. Mostly Bollywood movies are depicted as 3 hours melodrama with few romantic songs, few item songs, a bit if bhishum-bhishum action and happy endings but despite of all criticism Indian cinema has always proven why Bollywood is the biggest home of talents and movies like Talvar showcases it to the world. 

Today I went to the special screening of movie Talvar which will be officially released on 2nd of October. I was already looking forward to the movie as its rare to have a movie build around a real life incident and its really difficult to portray it on screen but Meghna Gulzar the director of the movie has proven her caliber and has maintained great suspense till the end. Vishal Bhardwaj took the charge of screenplay, story writing and production and proved why he won 6 National Awards. I bet you can't take your eyes off the screen for even a second.

Irrfan Khan, the gem of Indian movie industry who has been honored with Padma Shri Award has nailed it again with his astounding performance in the movie. The way Irrfan played the character, I felt like I am not watching it off screen but I am in there and everything is happening aside me; so natural that I feel proud to be a fan of him. Matching his performance Konkona Sen and Neeraj Kabi also did a great job. No where in the movie I felt like the star cast could be outmatched by any one else in the industry.
The thing that I liked in the movie is that there is no first half or second half of the movie. It was a riddle all through, just the way a murder mystery should be. It teases your brain and makes you crave for the truth. It was a Gamble of emotions I played for around two and half hour, a moment I felt sympathy the very next moment it turned to anger, sometimes rage which soon turned to depression, a feeling of achievement and then confusion. All these ups and downs kept me thrilled till the end and so I say Talvar worth more then every penny you will spend on its ticket.

Also guys do check the video I am sharing below : "Making of Talvar" , you'll get to know the state of mind of every individual who is a part of this movie and also the hard-work and research they did.

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