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Boys trip to Pattaya

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” 

― douglas adams

It suited me the best and I realized it as soon as I entered the beautiful city of Pattaya.

The moment I stepped foot in the city the first thing that happened was Splash of chilled water. 

Yup, I didn't knew it and was not even ready for it. Its the time of the year where no one in Thailand will let you stay dry for even a moment. Its time of "Songkaran" the water festival of Thailand. Driven from Hindu Festival of Sankranti , Songkaran is celebrated across whole Thailand for 3 days as New Year Celebration.

For us it was very similar to Holi just that here people use Sandalwood powder instead of colors and chilled water instead of regular. So without wasting any time we quickly got into our beach bermudas and joined this 24*3 non stop party.

Craziness at its peak \m/

 Songkaran was an unexpected gift for us all but we had our itinerary ready and our first destination was Coral Beach Island. A marvelous place where you can do adventurous activities and of-course beach fun is there ;) .

Parasailing, Seabed walking, Banana ride, jet ski was the ones I opted for and here is a view of what happened.

Obviously it wasn't easy for a guy who has acrophobia but I had to do it and trust me it was one of the most amazing and thrilling experience I ever had.

Jet Ski and Banana ride was ok-ok. Seriously you can't tip US (3 guys over --> approx 300 kgs) so easily, so this is what I did, I left my handle, grabbed my friend's vest and threw him in water, grabbed the second friend's vest and dived taking him along 3:)  See that's how you have fun #beingcrazy

Well apart from fun, lets talk about food. Though you can find all kind of cuisine in here, its a heaven for sea food lovers. Squid, crab, hundred kinds of fishes and what not. 

Pattaya is a city that don't sleep. Night life has its own meaning in here. Though beach road is the bussiest but not the only place to visit here. Take a look at this party. Loud Music, Crazy People and Water Canons \m/

Its a carnival all together and how can we forget the beautiful girls of Pattaya. Here is a glimpse of the Beauties of the Land getting ready for the celebration to begin.

There's a lot more to share but in next post. O:) 

Well one thing is for sure 
Songkaran 2020
I'll be there


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