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Sexy Cook

You must have heard that there is nothing more sexy then a man who can cook. Well that's true, as food is a way to men's heart, good cook is a way to women's heart. 

For generations it has been like men are minister of foreign affairs of house and women are minister of home affairs which in a way compels them to cook. But now our modern society does not obey these rules. There is hardly any kind of gender discrimination done when it comes to work, both men and women proudly walk shoulder to shoulder with each other and same way it goes in kitchen as well. You can take examples from popular show Master Chef India, the all men judge's panel shows the extent to which we have proven our caliber in kitchen. 

But here we don't want to prove our domination in culinary skills,we just want to do one thing "make our spouse smile". There is nothing more special then the smile that comes to her face seeing you cook which follows with a warm hug from behind.

Just follow these simple steps while you cook for her and I promise you will have the true pleasures of your life.

1. Girls are always way too possessive about their kitchen. Be a Gentleman there, never mess it up, keep it clean and organized. She will definitely notice this and will fall for you.

2. Never backup from flaunting, be dressed like a professional with a kink of your own. Remember, since you are cooking she is already half impressed, let your looks and style do the rest.

3. Always end with something sweet. Girls love desert ! When you have already taken this much pain go ahead and make some dessert. I am sure you guys will share the bite then ;)

4. The last job to win her completely. Cleaning up the utensils. Take charge, move ahead with the dish plates, she will definitely join you and you will have your moment, the reward of  your hard work there O:)

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