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Wings of Denim !

Flying, a miraculous dream. Every human have this dream at least once in life. Its  is freedom that everyone wishes' for and those who have got wings, achieve it. I too wish for flying but with Fashion. And what could be better if I have got Wings of Denim.

Wings of Denim, I don't want to get philosophical but that's the only way I explain what power I get with denims when I need to fly high and freely in this fashion world. The texture, the quality, the reliability, the style you get with denim is incomparable.

John Players one of my favorite brand understand ones passion and compassion for denims and that’s what makes John Player Jeans a leading denim fashion brand. The variety of denims that I find in John Players store is so high that I can't resist my self from buying at least 4 to 5 denims at a time.

This time at the pre-launch of their new collection John Players gave us the opportunity to design our own denims. They actually made John Player denims our canvas and we were allowed to let our imagination flow all over it. It was great Fun ! Loved the whole concept and enjoyed it a lot with other fellow bloggers.

Well it was the time to take this fun to next level. From the wide range of john Players collection I chose a Black Round Collar Warm Coat and paired it with Slightly Rugged, Twill Waved, Navy Blue Denim. I added contrast to it with my brown leather one cut shoes. The whole look had touch of Royalty with comfort.

After this I tried to go off beat and try completely opposite look of a carefree, sporty person who would love to be comfortable, stylish and always ready to run or have fun. I took a very light sky blue color Denim Shirt and paired it with Jogging Jeans and matching navy blue running shoes.

Well I had a great time with John Players and hope you will too. Just try it :)

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