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Just Married !

What's so different about being just married. 
Time will keep on passing and you will be carried. 

Every other minute a couple Ties a knot. 
Take their vowes and promise to leave each other not. 

It's their need or greed, is every single's doubt. 
But its a goal to achieve, everyone is very particular about. 

Marriage is going to change your life.
All you have to care than is your Mother and Wife. 

But is it a burden or a prize. 
Because they are no less than a miracle,  A holy grail in which you survive. 

Survival is not simple neither do die.
Best is to enjoy every moment and never say goodbye. 

Marriage is the simplification of your tangled loose end life. 
Let it work its magic, every problem will disappear leaving a positive vibe. 

Its been a year since I m married. Things look like settling down. We love each other a lot but that doesn't mean its easy to settle together. Two different individuals with completely different identities coming together to be Ardhnareshwar for whole life. It takes a lot of effort, dedication and most importantly Love. "Love" simple word with meaning damn deep and definition that varies for all.
Last morning I woke up and walked to the balcony. Chilling weather with mild sunrays passing through dense fog trying to give some warmth, perfect winters. I was standing there when my wife came to me with a mug of hot coffee. We hugged,  grabbed our mugs and simply stood there enjoying our coffee. Didn't talk much but we both had a smile on our face. A feeling of love, affection, satisfaction and what not. And you don't have to say a single word. Its well understood and felt by both. This moment my friends is priceless. It can't be bought, it can't be stolen,  it can't be forced. 
Now you know what I mean "Just Married "
I will always be ❤

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