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Corneliani Spring/Summer Collection 2018

This dominant characteristic of our times, this continual rhythm of change, seems to dictate the beat of a new style. The collective rules fade away before our eyes, and before we can construct new ones, each of us seeks assurance in our own personal identities. This is reflected in the way we choose to portray ourselves. Fashion responds to this, offering concepts suited to the new geographic and existential nomadic restlessness, creating everyday objects that adapt to a variety of conditions, indulging us with elegance and delicacy. Being a part of the Corneliani look is like belonging to a club where elective affinity determines membership.
The idea of fluidity and movement has been the inspiration for the next season, which offers a fully coordinated wardrobe that flows from a metropolitan look to one of leisure.
The story we have dreamed up is of a voyage, through city and desert, structured in three chapters and written with the language of color, in pigments borrowed from an impressionist painting.

This is dominated by cool tones: nuanced shades of the new “whale” blue are matched with masculine grays which are illuminated with an oil green accent, exclusively used for the accessories and knits.
Techniques: New pinstripes with frisé effect and interrupted lines give a modern signature to traditional tailored fabrics.
The crisp blues are conceived alongside warm grays and browns, in a series of proposals exploring the theme of windowpane patterns. Clever handling of the tones underlines textural contrasts, and new structures give a dynamism to fabrics and yarns, creating a look that is both casual and elegant.
Strong contrasts, such as beige and black, hint at an identity that is sporty, yet sophisticated. Violet-toned inky hues run through the entire collection, creating a surprising harmony.
Emphasis on detail creates a synthesis between sportswear and tailored garments: hydro zips, nylon with prints extracted from traditional drapery, and cotton with a membrane add functionality while maintaining a tailored look.

The colors become bolder and blend to create new color combinations.
The various shades of oil green illuminate and determine the balance of color. They are combined with all the shades of gray, from pale to black.
Weightlessness is the dominant characteristic: garments are airy, and constructed in impalpable nylons, fabrics have strong mat weave textures and structures that are reminiscent of patterns created in sand blown by the wind.

A full-blown summer style is dominated by burnt tones of “terracotta” coupled with the purest white, and natural desert tones enriched with “tuareg blue” and ocher.
The soft silhouette and natural fabrics contribute to the overriding sense of extreme sophistication and relaxation.

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