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Baner Hill : Daily Hiking Paradise

Hey Heaven what are you ?
Mystical is what people say, So are you ?
Living can't find it and dead don't tell,
Your deeds will take you there, every monk do yell.
Well I found a shortcut and everyone I must tell,
Its in the arms of Mother Nature 
Just hug her and dwell.

Be Happy and Healthy that's all you need and trust me Mother Nature is always ready to give you that in plenty. These pics are from Baner Hill, Pune where I go for Morning walk. Well honestly its bit more than morning walk, its hiking but its worth to put in some extra efforts because you will get a load of fresh air and scenic natural beauty right in the center of city.

Though a lot many people come here every morning the beauty of the place is still intact. The credit goes to the residents of Pune. You can see young energetic people climbing this hill with plants in there hands. They come up here and plant these trees and as a result the place is more greener than before !

Well I must say its a great initiative, you plant a tree, you save the nature, its beauty and in return you get an amazingly beautiful place to hike, you get fresh air, less pollution and what n0t. Its a win win for all. I'm a part of it now, are you ? :) 

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