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Hairy Beast

Aaaauuuuuuu...!!! Yeah that's how we monsters howl in excitement. We the Indian masculine breed of our species. Known for brown tanned skin , hard toned physique with black hairs shining on it. More then enough to make girls go crazy for us and they do go crazy, you just need to flaunt it right.

Hold on guys ! Don't get into the impression that I am asking you to get yourself converted into Grizzly Bear. We are the Men Of Style and wont lag behind in this case either. Lets just get down to the points to remember and implement them to be the Charming Beast of every girls dream.

We have got almost our complete body covered with hairs which is not good as extreme of any thing is bad. So lets get rid of hairs from these body parts first 

Ears :
Seriously brothers its a turnoff for every girl. Just imagine she is about to bite your ear and gets hairs in her mouth. You have to get rid of them and threading is the best option don't use razors as there is high risk of cuts and avoid hair removal creams as well.

Nose :
Agreed that hairs in nostrils work as filters but when this grid hangs out it really looks yuck. Get rid of it immediately. Cut them avoid plucking as the inner skin is very sensitive.

Upper cheeks :
I know its very confusing when hairs grow on the upper part of cheeks because shaving them off is not an option and trimming them is stupidity. Solution is painful but you have to go for it and that's threading.

Beck of your Neck :
Girls love to put their palms on the back side of men's neck, strong and smooth neck turns them on. So always do take care of your neck, keep it shaved, keep it clean .

Till now I have just talked about the body parts where you should avoid hairs,what about where we must have ?
This post is already very lengthy guys, I will cover the rest in Hairy Beast II.

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