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My girlfriend should be Crazy or Classy ?

Just entered college, Wow ! I want my college life to be adventures so what should my girlfriend be like ? Crazy ! Yes she should be crazy. College over now I'm entering corporate life, now what should be my girlfriend like ? Classy ! Yes she should be classy. 

We all think the same. Our girl friend should be as per the occasion hot on beach, crazy at disco, sweet at breakfast, intelligent at discussion and of-course simple at the time of dinner with parents.

Aren't we asking too much ? Yes, but why are we asking for this much ?

Answer is very simple, we are confused,  we don't know what we want and that's just because girls are God's most complex creation. So what we do now ? I tell you, lets just simplify the complexity by first understanding our self , our needs and rest will happen by itself.

Its a hidden truth, Girls are far much more then what they appear because they hide themselves, blame our society for this which don't let them do what they can, but you don't judge them at first sight. Give them some time, let them be comfortable and you will be amazed.

Next step is to leave your brain and think from your heart for a while because brain says I want this I want that but what heart says is I want someone of my kind. Now don't say opposite poles attract then why to look for alike. That's because opposite just fascinates but you wont be able to understand her so go for alike and life will be the way you both like, simple or crazy or adventures or whatever you want it to be. 

So what are You Crazy ? Then go hunt for her in a Club. Classy , go hunting at salsa classes. Adventures , join a forest safari camp or tracking camp. None of the above ! Then wait for my next post, ill come up with something for you as well ;-)

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