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My Naughty Heart

Yes ! No ! I mean its not me its my Heart ! Quite difficult to make people understand this line and why it wouldn't be , explaining your heart to someone is not at all simple.  

According to people heart is just an organ which pumps blood but for me its far more than a pumping machine. Other's have one Brain and a Heart but I have one Smart Brain in my head and one stupid, idiot, shameless brain which I call as My Naughty Heart.
I call my heart a brain because it always interfere in every decision I make and always give most unethical and troublesome advises but somehow they turnout to be most exciting and fun filled. Its always a mess inside me when it comes to making a decision and this hell will rises to new heights because its Valentine and I still don't know the answer of this particular question " Which one to choose ?" 

I know you will say boys always have just one criteria according to which one should pick the Hottest ;-) but its just a saying, you cant always pick the hottest. I am saying this because if you are partying with a very hot chick you have to be very attentive, very caring and you also have to act like her bodyguard as a result all the time you will be tangled in all this stuff and you will loose your precious time and your fun. So what's the point if you can't even enjoy your moment. 

On the other side, I cant be with a dumb chick either !!! Hello, I here to enjoy my life not to teach a girl the do's and don'ts of life. I want every one to be jealous of me not to make fun of me. No offence girls but in today's generation you have to be smart. 

Does this means I want a smart girl friend, off-course yes but smartness is not the only thing we die for. Beauty with brain is what I look for, a girl whose presence makes me enchanted but this is all what my Smart Brain says ; What about the naughty one ? He doesn't let me be this choosy, he don't even allow me to think this much. According to him I should never break any heart, please as many girls as you can and name it as social service ;-)

Social service on Valentines Day could be risky but what could be more thrilling then that ? If you want to enjoy life then take risk because it always pays back and doubles the fun and also give you such memories which you can never forget(includes beat-up as well).

This time I am planning to listen to my brain, may be I'll get to spend my Valentine day with "The One For ME". If that happens I know My Naughty Heart won't be sitting silent, it will pop out and will do something crazy. Fingers crossed for that very moment.

Somewhere or other you guys would have also related yourself with this post. Let me know what crazy you did this Valentine ! 

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