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Denver Beer Shampoo Review

If I give you a Can of Beer and ask you to wash your head with it instead of drinking, I know I'll get a punch on my face. No doubt Beer is proof that "God loves us and wants us to be Happy". But why one should use beer on hairs ?

Not just good taste Beer has great medicinal values as well. Beer's basic content is malt and hops which are rich in protein and provides strength to hair cuticles(protective layer of hairs) and prevent hair roughness as inner cells are safe now. These proteins not just repairs the damage caused by blow drying, coloring, straightening, curling etc, but also provide shine as newly smoothed surface reflects well. Alcohol present in beer it has got cleansing properties so it cleans your scalp well. But some dermatologist have opinion that too much use of beer on head will dry your hairs and so here we have a solution for it : Denver Beer Shampoo !

Recently Denver invited me for a Head-wash and Styling session at Affinity Saloon where I was introduced to its new product Denver Beer Shampoo and its features . Taking all good factors of Beer ahead and improvising them Denver created this unisex Beer Shampoo. Denver has always been a leading brand in the personal care space for men but this time they have moved forward and brought a product for women as well.

I have been using Denver Beer Shampoo for around 2 weeks now and I wash my head every alternate day with it. The results are as promised. My hairs are more shinny and I am getting good grip on volume. So guys don't wait more Its time to bathe your hairs in Beer ! They also deserve to be Happy !!! ;)

- Mayank 

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