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Pashma : Elegant way to win over Winters

Winter is at its peak now, chilly breezes are forcing to load yourself with heavy Jackets and get blend into the very common colors of Black and Brown. No ! I don't wanna do that, following the herd is not My Style and I won't, after all jackets are not the only way to win over winters.

"Pashma" is the name which has got the answer. In the picture above  I am wearing one of the exquisite gem of Pashma’s bespoke cashmere sweater collection.

What is it made up of ? If you ask this to a Kshimiri, he'll say "Soft Gold" what we call as "Pashmina" which is the finest type of Cashmere wool. It was so lightweight, I felt like I am wearing a t-shirt and so warm that I could comfortably walk out to  temperature of 10 degree Celsius.

On 15th of Dec Owner Shilu Kumar hosted an evening at DLF Emporio for special preview of Pashma Bespoke Pashmina Knit Wear Collection. Popping the champagne she said “I have spent a significant part of my life window shopping in Paris and Milan and used to dream about living in those exquisite windows.”

Pashma is retailed through over 1800 multi-brand retailers and through its own network of 18 stand-alone stores and has evolved into a true lifestyle brand with ready-to-wear collections that include resort and summer collections as well.

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