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Beard : The proud of a Man

Sharp suited with Beard looks
The transformation from Boyhood to Manhood is always exemplary. No-one can just simple adapt this change. When you leave your sweet teens and taste the sour and harsh flavor of twenties. You understand the meaning of making your stand in life and the importance of making a statement with your persona. Your face which is known to few till now, should now be a mark of inspiration to rest. Hard to achieve but the result is sexy as Hell !
Heavy Moustache with Grinded Beard
But it wasn't that hard for me and all credits goes to Philips BT5200 Trimmer. Why I say so ? Let me break it down in points for you :

  • My Beard is very Dense which makes it  difficult to keep even. Philips BT5200 has got Dynamic Beard Guide System which lifts the hair up to the level of blade for an even result.
  • As you can see my Beard hairs are thick and so the sharpness of blades matters a lot to me and Full metal double sharpened blades BT5200 solves the purpose. 
  • The look I kept is "Heavy Moustache with Grinded Beard" and it needs different length at different areas. I have kept 2.0 mm Moustache and 0.8 mm for Beard. One more reason why I liked BT500 as it gives 17 length settings.
Along with the above mentioned, other features which I like are long battery time (~60 mins), waterproof, wide skin friendly blades etc.
Philips BT2500 Trimmer
Points to keep in mind before you start trimming.
  • Analyze the growth of your facial hairs, places where it is dense, where it is light etc. This will help you to decide the cuts you want to give to your beard
  • Facial muscles : The shape of your cheeks, chin, neck, there structure, their thickness etc plays an important role in deciding the length distribution of your beard. 
  • Keep the look even and try to keep the concentration on your jawline and make it sharp.
So Guys if you have made up your mind then I would suggest you to go for Philips BT2500 trimmer as while reviewing this product I felt that I don't have to go to the barber shop for beard styling. With this trimmer you can style your beard your way. Now when the things have been made so easy what are you waiting for, Be The MAN !!!

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