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OOTD: A walk that Impresses

Have you ever wonder why sometimes when a person passes by, your eyes get stuck on him? Once bestowed your eyes leave the person only when he is has crossed the limits of your sight. Not just on you, he marked his presence among everyone around. Well all what he did was a walk that Impresses. Remember "When The Lion walks whole Jungle knows it".

Your gait(way you walk) tells a lot about your personality. To maintain an attractive gait your attire, specially your shoes must compliment you. A perfect shoe is a proper blend of comfort and styling and that's what I found with Alberto Torresi.

My New look is more like a transformation for me. This mettlesome look is more intense and mature. I want it to be perfect so I picked everything very carefully especially my shoes. What I am wearing is Alberto Torresi 's Matto tan formal shoes.

About Alberto Torresi: Alberto Torresi was launched in the year 2010 by Agra based Virola Shoes Pvt Ltd. This Indian enterprise is an offshoot of a 40 year old family run business of rolling leather products.Today, Alberto Torresi enjoys a presence in over 600 sales points across 21 cities in India.

Why I chose Alberto Torresi 's Matto tan formal shoes ? Let me answer in points, my thoughts, my expectations and my experience.

  • Leather : Single cut leather shoes are rare and a class in itself. This shoe is one among them
  • Comfort : Formal shoes are meant to be worn for approx 8 hrs(Tiring office hours) and so they must not exert pressure on toes and fingers. When I wore them I was didn't faced any such issue.
  • Style : The cut and finishing of shoe are very fine. The tip of the shoe is slightly bent down which gives it a dicty look.

My look is intense because of beard  which empowers my manhood. For many people beard is difficult to maintain. Somehow, I find it easy to style and carry. If you want to know more on styling and shaping beard then you may check my detailed post on beard styling here.

I am wearing sun glasses from bran Nau!! It is an Italian eye wear brand. I have chosen Vintage sunglasses as they go with my look. Also, I have brad face cut so such glasses are apt for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Please share your thoughts on comment box below.

Look Details:
Shoes: Albero Torresi
Shades: Nau!!
Jeans: John Players
Shirt: United Colors of Benetton

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