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Nexa : Next stage of Auto Love

We Indians are emotional fools, that's what world says but I don't think it's foolish to be emotional. I say it's our USP for a happier life. Not just humans and pets, we unconditionally love everything that is in our house. Though the love is unconditional but still if you want to priorities, Every Guy will agree with me on this that our CAR wins the first position. No one buys a car for a reason, its always a compilation of many reasons. Starting from Looks, comfort, features, handling, mileage to lot many. We look for them all  and when we get them all in one car we just don't buy it we make it a family member. 

Maruti Suzuki who is with us since 1983 , understands our feelings really well and has realized the attraction of new Generation towards the techie world as well. Taking these two important aspects together Maruti Suzuki has come up with new sales channel called NEXA . Through Nexa, the company plans to set out to appeal to a new generation of customers, who value pampering, innovation and a personal touch in their car.

NEXA for me is dynamic, powerful, intelligent yet emotional. Its not just a range, its more of a Bond between man and machine and to make it stronger NEXA accessories are launched, which have a theme based personal touch. NEXA has provided every accessory that Man loves. The list goes like this 
    1. Casio watches 
    2. Leather wallet 
    3. Leather card holder 
    4. Cuff-links 
    5. Key-chains 
    6. Bookmark 
    7. T shirts 

And all of them have NEXA branding on it. Seeing all this I say don't just drive the car be a part of it and let it be a part of you.

Not just accessories NEXA is also providing services to "My NEXA" privilege card holders - valet parking & NEXA Concierge. 

Relaxing at NEXA Concierge
MY Nexa mobile Application, available on Google Play, Windows & Apple store, was also introduced to give an exclusive automotive experience to the niche set of customers. Everything at Nexa will ensure that you have a relationship for a lifetime, hospitality that pampers you and technology that is innovative.
Apple Car Play

The application gives a ride of privileges:
  1. Personal 24*7 accessible NEXA account with instant notifications and updates.
  2. Complete vehicle information and car manual 
  3. Planning every service visit in advance with “Service Appointment”.
  4. Swap and browse your MyNEXA points history in one go
  5. Experience the real world of NEXA with all the upcoming events.
  6. On Road Support, anywhere and anytime.

Now lets talk about the Intelligence side of NEXA. The new cars launched under this section at the Auto Expo 2016 are Baleno RS and Ignis. The cars will be in market during the festive season. Enabled with Apple Car play and Siri's voice-based access these cars are digital worlds wonder.

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