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Relationships, It has much more than it appears

“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.” 

― Jeffrey Stepakoff, The Orchard

Relationships are beautiful and when they are associated with a fragrance , they become an eternal part of our life. A long time back, when I was a young boy still in school, I remember having a crush on my senior. She was two years elder to me and gave us biology classes after school hours. I remember Rose being her favourite flower yet she chose to wear a jasmine fragrance. Recently, at a friend's wedding I suddenly felt the same fragrance around and had the weirdest feeling of her being around. Having feverishly sifted the crowd for a while I spotted her standing in a corner, ever so beautiful, holding a glass of wine, untouched.  

Yesterday, while going through random videos, I came across this video from Envy1000 where various couples speak about how they feel about their partner and how they are clear about their relationship. Love is a beautiful bond that stands strong on pillars of trust and understanding. Your understanding and commitment beautifies or destroys your relationship. When you are in a relationship you should be clear. Envy 1000 has come up with a new exciting range of crystal clear perfumes. They believe in the idea of being transparent in a relationship and so are their perfumes. The question remains that is your relationship crystal clear?

Well, in my case, I had a huge crush on my biology teacher and at that time I could have done anything for her. But the nature of our relationship was clear and so it remains even today. She is beautiful like a rose and fresh as jasmine and I believe I’ll always have a crush on her for love is not a slave of time or distance, it’s na├»ve and spontaneous. Love is what we make of it.  #keepitclear

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