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Daddy knows it All !!!

"My Dad My Hero"

I just love The Giant Bear of my family. If mother is the Heart, He is the Brain and Body. Its really hard to express Love for Dad because he is the Hard Core. We always come in front of him with an attitude of "Man to Man". He always raise the bar with his dedication towards the family. He knows everything, the best trouble shooter anyone can ever have. My Terminator My Dad :D

Let's just celebrate Father's Day with few memories I'm sure you everyone of us had with Dad.

1. All he cares about is Family !!!

2. No matter How Big or Small, Thin or Tall or Fat or Fluffy . He always make you feel that you are the BEST !

3. He know what's best for you and at what age ;) 3:)

4. He is My Superman !!!  Always there to protect me <3

5. Its both Cute and Scary when he Warns :D

6. We all love hearing this :

Love You Dad ! 
Happy Father's Day !!!

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