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Celebrating World Interiors Day with Asian Paints

" The Best Journey Always Take Us Home ! "

Very true because there is no place like home. Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong and laughter never ends. These memories are the ones we cherish all life. Just imagine a picture where you are sitting with your friends on a black leather couch with wine glasses in hands, velvet touch - dark red wine colored walls behind, a thick black glass table in front with mouth watering chicken wings.  It looks Beautiful and Luxurious ! Isn't it ? You know that's the importance of Interiors. It can transform simple memories into amazing ones. Just check below one quite similar but with a different angle.

28th of May is Celebrated as World Interiors Day. A day which holds great importance in everyone's life because everyone has got a home and interiors are like soul to a body. This time I celebrated World Interiors Day with Asian Paints at there store in Connaught Place. Asian Paints organized a great interactive session/workshop with Film Production Designer : Shruti Gupte.

Asian Paints as a brand is determined to encourage consumers to take a leap and bring their homes, the look and the feel that they love, admire and aspire for, from their favourite films and be experimental and creative with their decor choices. Shruti Gupte here played a vital role, sharing her experience and her mind set while designing homes and interior spaces in films such as Alisha, Taare Zameen Par, Khoobsurat, Lunch Box etc. She explained how your room reflects your personality and also affects your mood. Even the smallest thing do leave its mark like the flowers in room corner, color of cup & plates, cushion covers etc. 

That's Me in Left Corner attending Asian Paints Workshop with Shruti Gupte
Asian Paints is every Indian's first choice when it comes to color their dream house. As said it's difficult to reach the top but what's most difficult is to stay there. Asian Paints has always been pushing new concepts in India like Color Idea Stores, Ezycolor services like Home Solutions and Color Consultancy and Color Next trend forecasting. A satisfied customer is the Best Business strategy of all :) . So stay in touch with Asian Paints color store to know more !

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