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Joost : Nature's best blend in a Glass

You may be a Great Cook . May be whatever you cook is delicious and nutritious but the best cook in this world is Mother Nature. No one knows what's best than Her ! Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers everything in proper proportion with luscious taste. This simply means, to be on top of your health just obey your Mother ;-)

Well Here I'm talking about a brand which has brought All the goodness of Fruits present across The World at one corner and called it Joost, popularly known as "Boost Juice" in Australia. A brand which has made its name by its work.

Boost Juice Bars was founded in the year 2000 by adventure enthusiasts and suburban mum, Janine Allis. In the year 1999 during a trip to US, Janine Allis identified the potential to set up “Fruit juice bars” to meet the demands of the health conscious in Australia.  She commenced her successful business journey of opening “BOOST Juice Bars” in the year 2000 along with her husband and in 2006 she started franchising worldwide. She opened the first store in Adelaide, South Australia. Her passion for providing healthy lifestyle to the customers has translated into over $2 billion in global sales since inception, delivering fresh juice and smoothies with Boost’s signature “love life” philosophy in 14 countries. The brand has been a retail phenomenon, growing by an average of two countries and 40 stores a year for the past 3 years.

With the growing business in overseas market Janine Allis expanded her empire in the Indian market under the name “JOOST Juice bars” owned by Rivoli Sinha. In late 2011 Rivoli Sinha, Founder, Joost Juice Bars signed the master franchise agreement and commenced the operations in Indian Market.

Joost Juice Bars offers health substitute to fast foods and packaged soft drinks, with a menu offering more than 30 lip smacking juices, smoothies and crushes accompanied by healthy snacks and protein bars. The products at Joost Juice Bars are 98% fat free and free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. All products are low in fat & saturated fat which makes them a healthy & safe drink for all age group. 

The fruits used at Joost are 100% natural and fresh fruits are handpicked from variety of fruits available in the market. The smoothies and crushers are customized basis on the healthier choices of the customer. The smoothies are made from milk and low fat TD4 yoghurt that provides customers more than 50% of the RDI (recommended dietary intake) of calcium .

I don't think anyone should miss any chance of tasting Nature's best blend served in Glass ;)

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