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Manish Paul Talks About His Struggling Days In Mumbai!

Delhi boy Manish Paul came to Mumbai 11 years ago in September 2005. He came here to fulfill his dream and to be an actor. Now, he is known the best anchor of television Industry. Even, he tried movies and TV shows also. Recently, in an interview to DNA, he said,” Eleven years ago, when I came to Mumbai, I stayed in Chembur in my nani’s house for some time. I didn’t have much money, I used to travel in buses then. I didn’t take trains, because I am claustrophobic and people had scared the sh*t out of me saying it is terribly crowded. I used to walk from Chembur to the domestic airport because I had nothing else to do. I would take a cab, bus or rickshaw, (whatever was convenient) to Andheri. I would sit on the stairs of Fun Republic, the whole day with my bag. I used to have a sandwich from a guy stationed outside Yash Raj Studios and that would be my snack and lunch. That was the cheapest that was available. I was struggling then, meeting people and telling them I am available for work.”

He also added,” There were times when I would breakdown, but I never felt like giving up or leaving the city. In 2009, I got a show to host on Zee TV, then red carpet shows happened followed by stage shows and finally big reality shows. There was no looking back after that. From then to now, I have loved everything about the city except the traffic. Every monsoon, it’s the same story. I remember when I was working as a RJ a decade ago, we used to make jingles on potholes — even those jingles are the same. However, I can’t stay away from Mumbai for long. I love the vibe the city gives to a workaholic like me. People here are chilled out. They never interfere in your life, they keep to their work. At the same time, if you are sitting on the road worried, ek ya do log pooch hi lenge what is wrong and will be helpful. Most importantly, the city never sleeps, which is a big thing for someone like me because it’s only after 11 pm that I set out to roam!”

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