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A Token Of Love !

The first thing I understood in this world was love. In my mothers womb I felt her love, which made a bond between us which can never be broken. No matter how close or far we are, she knows what's inside my heart and I know what's inside her. Mother, Father, Brother, Sister all relations are filled with Love and hence are the strongest of all. This love and affection has given me strength to face the world till now and will be in future But now the time has come where I'm going to be more stronger than ever. And that's because I have found the one who will make my family big and my family a lot Bigger.

Just thinking about Marriage flies me to the seventh cloud but current situation smashes me deep under ground. Yes the reality that my soul(family) is in Bhopal, my life(fiancé) is in Pune and my body(me) is in Delhi. Seriously this distance is the real Villain of my happy romantic love story. Though I can run for home any time but just cant all the time. After all no one can ignore the source of bread and butter that way. So what to do when I want to make my presence felt at the time of joy. When my fiancé got promotion, when my sister became school captain, when my Mom cooked delicious Gajjar Halwa(sweet dish) and missed me on dinner table. Feels sad but cant do anything about it. Or Can I ?

Yes I can !!! 

A Token Of Love !!!

 A Bouquet of flowers for sister, a box of chocolate for Wi-Fi(I mean fiancé) and a heart warming greeting card for parents. Im not there but I have made my presence felt in the most lovely possible way and no doubt have made my loved ones smile. 

I'm not the only one dealing with such condition, there are thousands of people who live abroad. They can hardly visit home once a year. For them this "smile" is the Biggest achievement. Understanding this fact well Rupal and Mohit Bansal has come up with "" . A Gifting portal from which you can reach-out to your loved ones no matter how far they are and give them your wishes, blesings and love in the sweetest manner. Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, personalized gifts every thing is just a click away. So don't wait , its time to make someone smile O:) 

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