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Mom, Be a Girl Again !

"Mom, be a Girl Again" I know deep inside you have understood what I meant in this line but since you are too modest you will say : "Son, denoting me as a lady or as a girl doesn't make any difference. It's one and the same thing." Seriously ?
There is a huge difference between The Girl you were and The Mom you are. No doubt you are the best Mom in this world. Since the day you got married to Dad (Luckiest person in the World) you outdid on every stage of life and went on and on and On. It's not because you aim to achieve something, it's because your Love is perpetual. And your happiness lies in seeing us grow, prosper and succeed in life being chubby (All thanks to the delicious Paranthas ).
Mom you are my Wonder Women !!! The lady who got married at very early stage but had the guts to stand with her Husband shoulder to shoulder at the time when everything was lost, everyone left and only a ten rupee note was left as the base to start with. You held us all and brought us all up to this stage where we stand with pride and dignity in front of whole world. 
Now I am a successful Software Engineer and a Blogger, quite mature as well and from here when I look back I see You as the most important pillar of this edifice. But everything comes for a price and you paid it by forgetting the little innocent child you had inside you.
The Cute little girl who loved to Sing and Dance. For whom Kathak was life. The girl who hated Math and Loved her Ghungroos like anything. The girl who won first prize in Kathak dance and got honored by the Governor of Madhya Pradesh. The girl who could have been one of the brightest star in the history of Kathak.
You forgot her but we haven't ! We still see some glimpse of that cute girl when you smile. And also when you blush for being caught dancing while cooking. Those beautiful and graceful face expressions (abhinaya : most important part of Kathak ) which you hid long time back; still sneaks out sometime when you get angry and Dad pampers you. We love to be the live witness that time ;)
Ma, I saw this ad on YouTube and thought of you. So flaunt your expressions and go dance the beats off with your most loved Ghungroos On.
Agree I am not there in Bhopal with you but from here also I can send a token of love to you. 
Put them On and Keep smiling As your smile is Fuel of Our Life!
Love You !

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