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Immortality, the easiest way !

"And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

I know that you are surprised and want to ask Why this post has started with end. It's considered inauspicious, mentioning end at the beginning. But I don't think it's inauspicious , for me It's just ignorance. Just to feel comfortable for few moments we are ignoring the basic law of nature : Everything that has started will end one day. We humans are Born and so one day will Die. 

Hell No !!! I Don't wanna die. I'm HUMAN. The most intelligent species of all. I have the most developed brain and so I can do whatever I want too. If not this way i'll do it that way. But I'm filled with so much enthusiasm and confidence that I won't let this precious life end just like that. I'm gonna make most of it. As much as possible because I know a secret Body dies but deeds don't ! Brain dies but memories don't ! 

So simple formula:

Immortality = Deeds + Memories.

But one should be very careful while applying this formula in life. As everyone remember Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir ! The missile man of India, one the most loved President and what not. We all praise him for everything he did for us and will always do. On the other hand there are few whose deeds have given bad and sad memories to many and in return have got nothing but curses.

So, Be Remembered For Good!

Just check this Video out. Simple yet effective 

100 Pipers has given a great message that you don't have to be extraordinary or do extraordinary things. You can be a Hero by doing simple things just with good intentions. So just do it, be the reason for someone's smile , it's worth more than a medal. #BeRememberedForGood

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