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Blogmint !

Love, Looks, Food, Style, Comfort, I have talked about almost all of them, a lot of times, but have missed a very important aspect which affect them all. Money yes Money. Love hear it don't we; Money Money kiss me Baby !!! You ask How ? Keep on reading ;)

I'm a Senior Software Engineer by profession and Blogger by passion.  I know both of them are almost opposite of each other but that's what keep me going for both as they balance out the pressure. But pressure is not enough for passion to win over profession, after all that's bread and butter. Then what should be added to spice the passion curry and let it take over the rest. 

I tell you : First It's recognition for your work, Second touch of technological advancement, Third monetary appreciation. Sounds interesting right ! Now if you ask me where to find it all. I'll say just a word " Blogmint" It's a platform where Brands and Influencers come down to collaborate and make their business flourish. Your reach in terms of audience makes you the King here ! Personally I prefer Blogmint because of its wide range of clients and clarity in terms and conditions. I have done business with Blogmint a number of times now and the experience is really Heart Warming. Business is best when it pleases both customer and vendor. Kudos to Blogmint for maintaining this balance very well  

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