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Sneakers : When you want to keep it light !

"Your Footprints tell the world about your journey to success"

Ya Footprints matter but psychologically, practically its shoes that matter the most ;-)

Shoe obsession is the latest addiction. People are now very particular about their footwear. The brands they follow, the style they like, the color they love, the finish they prefer,  almost every aspect of footwear has been marked now. And so does by the brands. It's  like a perfect example of demand and supply. You name it, we'll make it!

I'm also a very selective person. Just looks or style don't impress me. I need perfection at every corner. The latest trend, style, comfort, color, durability, all are of equal importance for me. Ya, it makes shopping a bit more strenuous but value for money is important.

As quoted above "Strenuous Shopping". Noo !!! Shopping is something we like to do for fun and enjoyment, not to stress or strain. So let's bring the Fun Back ;-)

Well as soon as I logged into this website, Discounts & Offers took all my stress away. I chose my sneakers from Footprint360 and found the process of searching and sorting among thousands of option and ordering were really smooth. The delivery time is one feature of Footprint360 which should be applauded on, real quick comparatively.

Summers are up which means its time to make your outfit light. While most people go for T-shirts and shorts, I went for something less casual. Loose put on cotton shirts, thin stretchable denim and sneakers. Perfect for a get together after office hours. 

I carried a duffle bag along which gave the perfect crisp edge to the look. To a look blended in shade of Orange, Black, and Brown, Blue Sneakers made an outstanding contrast. These sneakers are velvet in finish with bright white knitting and thick white bordered sole. It's always like walking on carpet in them O:) 

Well this semi-casual look of mine worked well at Office as well as while outing with friends. Hope you liked my Look and also found appealing and exciting to shop on. Let me know your views in the comment section below.

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