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The Munda

"The Munda" : Typical Hinglish! But I think it is best suited to justify my look. The look which is not too off the beat, loved by many but properly carried by very few.

Well, it was on my list from a long time. I wanted to do a shoot where I depict my style and attitude in day-to-day life attire. Where there is no red carpet to walk in tuxedos only, No themed party to dress as directed only, No fashion event to dress for the camera only. This time, it's to dress for yourself only. An attire which is at the top of comfort and then in style along with fashion.

The Munda: Is a look full of confidence and manliness. To be " The Munda " your personality and attire should speak loud and clear that I'm the guy you should never mess with but should totally hang around with. Cool and killer.

So what I picked is a blue shade check shirt and paired it with rich blue rugged denim. Wore it simply but smartly. To make the look more catchy I added few accessories like bullet pendant and beeds bracelet and not to forget brown leather high ankle boots.

Well that's is not it! Another look that I created is Complete denim one. It's a bleed blue look and it shows your true love for denim. Accessorized with silver reflectors, Daniel Wellington watch and completed this sporty look with Adidas's latest tubular sole sports shoes.

Hope you guys like the whole new look. Let me know in the comments section below. 
Stay Stylish ! :)

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