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The Staring Game

The Game of Eyes
Not the one with dare to stare 
It's the one with sparkles and flares
Were two opposite poles attract and Heart forgets to contract retract.
The breath goes deep and eyebrows go high 
You go numb and people ask why.
You can't answer, as question is irrelevant 
Its an act of Heart always ambivalent.
Only these two stupids know this vibe 
Where eyes are boggling and smiles are hurricane tide. 
Its the beginning of a New Venture. 
Game of Thrones is nothing in front of this adventure. 
I'll do this, I'll do that it starts with 
You did this, You did that it ends with 
Fun and thrill lie somewhere between this
Love is just the sugar coat, Tangy spicy chili is what you have to deal with. 
Flavors of life won't always be so messy
It's your time be crazy, be snazzy.
After all, life ain't fair to all,  
you are lucky to win this brawl!
So do the dare and show your Zing,
This The game of Eyes 
Is Won by One Who Wink.

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