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My Little Fur Ball !!!

You came into my life like an annoying little creature. 
Who shouted every now and then, 
peed wherever one can. 

Who tore all my socks, 
didn't even spared my sister's frocks.

Who run away with my shoes in mouth, 
always come first and sits on my favorite couch.

Who is the self proclaimed King of the castle called my home, 
but lives like its guardian coz its precious and he has to offer me this throne. 

Who don't care weather I'm sad or down, 
will just come to me with a cunning smell and kill the bloody frown.

Who cares for me like he is next to my momma, 
and sleep on my lap as if I'm his grandma.

Who play with me and don't let me grow old, 
now I too agree that his heart is made up of pure gold.

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