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Man and His Persona

Life isn't fair !
Says the one who himself never shares...
I don't care !
Is most heard from the one who is in despair...
Don't you dare !
Wishful threat, hoping it will scare...
I will be there !
A false attempt to show that you care...
"And at last"
God will spare !
Hopeless attempt to justify your doings, but he won't BEWARE !!!

Yes ! That's how the life goes. What you think, what you say, what you wish in never exactly the same to what you do, what you can do and what you actually did. Sounds a bit philosophical, so do one thing just pull up any major event of your life and you will picturize , every word I say is about you and your life.  

NO ! It doesn't mean that you should not expect or promise or dare or swear. Rather you must and  let everyone in world know that you care. Its obvious that life will play its part but that's how you build your personality , your Thart (short for thought and heart). 

Your persona is build by your thoughts, your life decisions and the way you carry them out. Life is no different for others its strange for all. So don't expect much, you are your own Santa and everyday is Christmas. Celebrate it till the end and don't forget "Santa" to do both offer and celebrate "Present" !!! :) 

Pic Credits : Nishant Chawla 

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