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Am I Qualified Enough ?

Am I Qualified Enough ?

This is not about any job interview neither its about any entrepreneurship or business startup. This is a question every guy ask himself standing at the foot of a mountain, staring at its peak which is high up there somewhere hidden in the clouds. He knows the climb is steep, dangerous, exhausting and tiring but have some joy which is inspiring. He also knows once stepped on, there is no turning back. So one should be very clear with what he desire, this is no game it's about a Life, Sire!

This mountain is your journey from Boyhood to Manhood. Before you start, you face the world and shout out loud that :
I'm mature enough to take responsibility !
I'm mature enough to support !
I'm mature enough to understand the true meaning of relationship !
I am ready to be 

Now !

Yes, this is the time when you decide to become a Father : the one who creates and nurture a life. You swear to become a selfless person and get to your rightful place which is  "the backbone of the family".

Luckily and Happily, I have also started this journey. Almighty has blessed me with a Baby Boy. The moment he came, I saw my heart beating in front of me. A cute little angel in my arms staring at me with those sparkly gem eyes. Cuddling for warmth with soft little hands spreading a bit wide. Little cherry lips making expressions I couldn't understand but one thing was for sure.

"Yahan mai Pighal gaya 😍"

His love was like hot knife and I was soft butter, it hardly took a moment and I was in all tears with a big smile on my face. Ya Ya Men don't cry... Idiot You are not a Man If you don't cry at this moment.

Well this Love is the answer to all questions you had earlier. Yes you are Qualified Enough !!! Just feel the vibes and you will do all what is needed and more. Its a phase of Loving and Learning .. just Enjoy 💓

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