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I'll eat you up !!!

 Yehhh !!! I'll eat you up just keep shut
Why you keep on Bluff
Coz you look like a turf

My looks actually made you crazy
Yehhh but Now I'm just hazy
Everything looks perfect, what just went wrong
Just step into my shoes and try to walk along
So its a matter of perspective
That is just so subjective
Ok, So is it that time of the month... just nod and i'll be mum
I wish that to be true...cuddling, eating & sleeping on you & you actually being mum
Women are you sure about what you want
I just explained what more details do you want
Ok, now I got it... You are just hungry
Yes I am and I'm goona eat you up
Whaaatttt... That's what I said first
Yehhh... but I'm the one who's gonna do it first !!!😈

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