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Let it go !

 Let it go just let it go

what kills me is to let it go.

I kept it while it was to and fro,

now its mature and wants to flow.

Was I good or was I no,

tell me to my face just let it blow.

Now this heart beats to its low,

feelings just crumble and will never grow.

Heavy bow , yeh ur words are heavy bow.

ripped my chest and even my soul. 

Far from reality , on the thinnest snow,

you're leaving me with nowhere to go.

Don't let it go , Don't let it go,

Scream it loud and stop it though,

Life won't be same and you have to know,

Pain is permanent but happiness No.

Just smile in your deepest sorrow, 

World is fool and you make it so.

Let it go Or Don't let it go

Gosh you could choose but No No NO !!!

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