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I'm So Angry !!!

I'm So ANGRY , I can kill you
One strike and your blood will spill threw 
Its not blood within me its lava that resides
I'm an active volcano, puny you can not justify
This anger has taken me to dimensions, you can't imagine few
Just dare come closer, I'll smoke you off and puff on your fume

I am The Angry Young Man and I'm the best
I'll take everything & leave back the mess
I have lived quarter of life or less 
but fact is I know better then the rest 
The curls, the cuts, the biceps the chest
I'm a beast incarnated better than the best

You better not defy me or try me go by me
The smartest never deny me, they just stand beside me
My destiny is what thrives me, this vigor will fly me
So get off my face and get back to your life 
You are no match neither none from your tribe 
The World is meaner so better behave
I am The Angry Young Man who just came out of the Cave !!!

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  1. When the angry man speak, you better listen, if you are too bleak get ready for some demolition.