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Let's Go Jogging in Style

Jogging is necessary for good health and style is necessary for good looks and we can't live without both of them.

So why not jog in style. For those who don't even Jog I don't think I need to tell them the benefits of Jogging, how it keeps you healthy, how it tones your body, how it regulates your metabolism rate etc because you already know that and still you guys are on your couch which means these reasons are not enough for you.Let me give you a different perspective towards Jogging which will motivate you to tie up your running shoes, pull up your track pants, put on your hood and Go Jogging ;)

Just have a look at the Jogging track of park or treadmill of your gym, you will see the flaunting of sweat wet physiques and figures dressed in a way which is not only comfortable but also temptation to your eyes without being vulgar. This dress-up will make you fall in love with yourself.

I am talking about Style. We are in modern era now, where style is no more about sticking to Leather jackets, rough burnt jeans and high ankle boots. Now every moment has got its own importance and so it demands special attention, you can't step out for jogging in your sleepers or pajamas or night suites because if you do so you have lost your moment, you have ruined your charisma before even building it. Charisma !!! You must be thinking that I am exaggerating but I am not because its not just about how comfortable you feel while jogging, Its also about the first thought that strike people's brain when they get your glimpse.

Want to create such charisma ? Come lets work for it .

Its really important for one to understand his physique before getting dressed up. If you are a person with heavy build up then never go for skin tight shorts and t-shirts, what's best for you is a light color loose 3/4th short or track pants with dark blend hood.

If you posses a tight and muscular body, the image shown below says it all. Wear a body fit t-shirt , cut sleeves will go great along with a loose short.

While selecting and outfit for Jogging one must keep in mind the structure of his thighs and shape of his calf muscles , if they are thin then please avoid wearing shorts, you must go for track pants like one shown below.

There is still a lot to discuss about your dress up for Jogging, specially about shoes. But for that just wait for my next post on Shoes.

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