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The Ancient Barbecue : Restaurant Review

Socializing is what world's about ! If I take you a bit back in time, socializing was quite different. Our relatives use to visit us, mom use to cook many dishes, long chats over dinner, one big happy family. 
Now the trend has shifted, Facebook, twitter etc has no doubt bought us close to the far ones, we share news, feelings almost every moment, but still that joy is missing which we use to have earlier. 

You know why ? Its just because this is missing : A big wooden dining table dressed as if for queen's dinner, decorated with royal heavy metal and crafted spoons and knifes along with bone china plates with matching color of the ambiance, surrounded by all members of family who are eager to have the savour of the freshly cooked and share there hearts.

As I entered The Ancient Barbecue, I felt like I have found the missing spark. This place is the key which can unlock every feeling which is locked deep inside and every taste that your tongue can identify. A perfect place to visit with family, office team, friends, girlfriend or with any one you want because it has got a flavor for everyone.

Till now I spoke just about what I felt but what I tasted was also remarkable. Using the barbecue first, The Ancient Barbecue offers you a wide range of around 15 delicious  veg and non veg  starters.

Remember not to get overload with starters because a lot more will be coming to your way. The main course menu is simple and sticks to basic Indian dishes with proper flavor so that every one gets the taste of dish they love.

Among all what I loved the most was the Pan Fried Chilly Prawns and Murg Tikka Surkh Lal.

At last comes desert and  you will be confused from where to start and where to stop. You will see Cakes, Brownies, Gulab Jamun, Halwa, Ice-creams etc.

At last I will say  Good food has the power to bring all hearts together and unite us as one, so go and enjoy.

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