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The Heavenly Spa

A touch of Heaven is what we all work so hard for but always forget to go for. You don't have to die for Heaven, you actually have to be alive for it. I said so because I felt so after paying a visit to the Heavenly Spa by The Westin Gurgaon.

I was going through the same monotonous schedule where I was continuously stressing up my body, my brain, my skin, in a way exploiting my self to the fullest and that's what happens with all of us. We just keep on running without realizing that If you want to go far in a race, you must take rest at proper intervals, re-energies your self and then move forward. I was in need of same interval and just on time I received an invitation from Heavenly Spa for The VitaMan De-Stress Face Treatment.

I knew about VitaMan as a recognized global pioneer of the men’s skincare and spa market and De-Stress Face treatment sound really tempting to me and specially for my skin. Also I have been to The Westin and was aware of its royalty, so it gave me an image how its going to be and no way I could refuse it.

As I in went my expectations came alive, beautiful yet simple ambiance , nothing loud and so soothing that you can feel the easement. We were welcome with a Hot Towel which is well known for helping the facial pores to open up, I said that's a smart start and the bar just went High ang high after that. 

The VitaMan De-Stress Face Treatment is especially designed for men, this unique massage offers an effective, intense stretching technique using a light wax concentrating on the shoulders, neck and upper jaw to release tension in these areas. Excellent treatment for men who work with computers, or to just simply reduce the stress of daily life. 

The massage is followed by a facial treatment that uses protective and restorative extracts such as Grasslily, Lemon Myrtle, Blue Cypress Oil, Kakaduplum and Wild Rosella Flower and in hands of trained professionals these ingredients work their magic effectively.

After the facial treatment and message I was so relaxed , that I almost forgot all worries , so vitalized and refreshed that I didn't wanted to leave. 
Just not to stress my self again after such relaxing time I had Jasmine tea with wallnuts. That's what I call a complete package, from the very begning to the very end, worth every penny.

I would recommend all the Men to take a break and go for VitaMan De-Stress Face Treatment or you may opt for other packages as well like The VitaMan De-Stress Express Face Treatment or Traditional Hot Shave etc. Infact there is long range of spa's and facial treatments that The Heavens Spa by The Westin Gurgaon offers.
Go and Grab your moment.

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