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Magnum : Our love and for the one we love

Ice-cream! We love it but what's important is our girlfriends love it more than we do and that's what turns ice-cream into more of a blessing. Whatever the situation is ice-creams help us to make it up for her.

Just by buying an ice cream for her we gets our deal settled, then imagine what will happen when you will present her an ice cream dish whose recipe is given my the Master Chef Kunal Kapoor. 

Hold the wings of your imagination for a while guys and let me first introduce you to Magnum : an ice cream recognized as a symbol of royal treatment and remarkable pleasure. Made from pure Belgian chocolate  with minimum 35% of coco - one of the highest in the world, making it irresistibly yummy and chocolaty.

Recently I got invitation for the Magnum Masterclass by Chef  Kunal Kapoor and I was like Wow this is going to be really interesting and scrumptious.  At the starting Chef asked us to try three different types of Belgian chocolates -white, milk & dark. All three were different according to the content of coco in them, the higher the concentration the darker and bitter it goes. Keeping that in mind Magnum has launched 3 falvours 

1. Classic Magnum made of vanilla ice-cream and dark chocolate.
2. Magnum Truffle made of milk and dark chocolate.
3. Magnum Almond made of vanilla ice-cream, milk chocolate and almonds.
Perfect combinations to make your taste buds go wild.

So guys this is the time to awake the Sexy Cook in you and prepare a tantalizing dishes for your loved one whose recipe is given by Chef Kunal Kapoor.

Magnum Falooda
(Magnum paired with Flavored Falooda)

Magnum-2 no
Falooda-250 gms
Sabza(basil seeds)-2 tbsp
Rosewater-few Drops
Kewra water-few drops
Rabri-1/2 cups
Sugar syrup-1 tbsp
Saffron-few drops
Gold warp-1 leaf

*Soak the sabza in a cup of water for 15 min. Add saffron to rabri and keep aside
*Break the magnum on the plate. Pile one piece on top of the other. Now drizzle sugar syrup on the falooda and place the falooda on the magnum.
*Drizzle drained subza seeds on the magnum. Sprinkle rose and kewra water. Pour some rabri and garnish with gold warq,serve immediately.

Magnum on Fire
(Magnum covered in meringue and torched)

Egg Whites-30gms
Icing Sugar-60gms
Lemon juice-few drops
Magnum-1 no
silver warq-1no

*To make meringue whisk egg whites and add few drops of lemon juice. Now slowly add the icing sugar and keep whisking the eggs. Whisk till egg whites are stiff.
*Now open your favorite magnum and using a palette knife smear the meringue on to magnum bar. Make swirls with the meringue. Now using a blowtorch caramelize the meringue. Garnish with silver warq and serve immediately.

That's not all it , below is an example what I made with my friends at the Magnum Masterclass. 

Delicious ! Aren't they ?

Remember Guys ! Ice Creams are Men's best friend ! 
So go with your spouse and find the moment of Love with Magnum O:) 

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