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Mango Thaali !!!

The only reason any Indian can wish for Summers is Mango. The King of fruits and no doubt the King of Hearts. A fruit that can blend with any dish and can take it from being good to remarkably awesome and I think that's what has inspired the chefs of Khandani Rajhdhani; A well known restaurant of South Delhi in front of Select City Walk. Keeping in mind people's craze for Mango, Khandani Rajhdhani has come up with "Aamlicious - Mango Festival"

Can you imagine "A Thali" which itself means there will be around 20-25 dishes in front of you where each of them has got there own unique flavor and now they all have a twist of Mango  or Kerri(unripe Mango) in it. Well this was going to be Yumilicious.

If I start from beginning Khandani Rajhdani won my heart at the Entry Itself. They welcome us with Haldi(Turmeric) and Chandan(Sandalwood) Tikka whose medicinal effect calms downs your mind and revives. The soothing music takes the feeling further and makes you forget all worries and concentrate on Food.

So this is how My Mango Special Thali looked like !

It had Mango Dal Dhokli, Fajeto, Raw Mango & Onion Bhajia, Mango Pulao, Goonda Kairi, Aam ki Lunjee,  Mango Curry, Mango lassi, Amrakhand, Aamras-Poori, Thepla, Maal Pua, Strawberry Halwa, Aam Pana, Daal-Baati Churma, Kundroo etc etc. I was feeling like I must have a big appetite to have it all. But the chaach in the begning did the trick as it hepls a lot in digestion and so does the Aam Pana.

The food was lovely as its said "You first eat from your Eyes then from your tongue" Well My eyes and tongue both were pleased and So I would say that Aamlicious - Mango Festival is till 15th June only. Dont miss the chance O:)

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