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OOTD : Lazy lovable Sunday

"Sunday" last day of the week, destined to be most lovable as it brings joy and relaxation with it. Whole week we plan for Sunday, I'm gonna go shopping, movie, picnic, ride, brunch and what not. 
And as the day arrives a high tide of adrenaline strikes your mind you rush towards your wardrobe to get ready for the fun day and suddenly your expressions changes to Hww(with mouth wide open). The reason is very obvious : You wanna be smart, look attractive but don't want to be over loaded with heavy clothes. If you wanna enjoy a hot sunny day you have to be in very light and comfy outfit.

Here I am with a perfect outfit for a hot sunny day

Let me break it down for you.

Tee Shirt : GAP the well known brand is finally now in India. The store is located in Select City-walk mall . They have come up with there summer collection from which I chose a light pastel green colored t-shirt. The fabric is best suited for sweaty summers as it allows ample amount of air to passes through and keep you cool and fresh.

Shorts: White colour linen shorts. White color goes smoothly with light green t-shirt and maintains the cool look. Fabric is linen which is known for comfort with class and the fit is so perfect that I can participate in hurdles race wearing them ;-)

Sandals : This is from the latest collection of Bata. Sole hard from outside and way too soft from inside with good pressure handling capacity. The cris-cross belt pattern gives it a new look which is in now a days.

The over all look is very easy to carry, don't think twice before trying it as this one is must for summers !

Let me know your views on this in comments below.

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