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My Wardrobe is in My Hand

Life runs on a simple Myntra "Change is the only thing that's constant, be with it or be gone !

I love these changes after all they are for our convenience only. Like I am a kid from 90's, I started shopping clothes from tailors shop, then slowly moved to the shop in market, then moved forward to malls, then to high end brand stores, then to designer collections and I am still pacing up. I am not going to stop here. All the progress I talked about above have one thing in common which for me and probably for most of you is a serious issue and that's "Time for shopping" which includes locating the store, driving to it(through dirty traffic), searching for your wished one, trying it and again long wait in checkout lane, travelling back, damm ! It’s like if I want a pair of jeans I have to spend at-least 3-4 hrs. Sorry, this ain't gonna work.

Should we be worried? No, not at all! We all have Thor's Hammer in our hand or pocket which we call as "Mobile". It’s a wonderful tool which has the power of lighting (not literally); it can make your dreams come true in a click.

Seriously Guys practically saying I am a software engineer and a fashion blogger too. I don't have time to spend in malls hunting for latest trend's outfits and when I'm in front of my system I have a coffee in my hand and I code, can't do shopping there as well.

So the best time for me to go shopping is when I am travelling, sitting in my office bus or cab, headphones on, light music playing and I am titillating my Thor's Hammer, my Mobile. Searching for latest trends, selecting my dreamed one, comparing it with few others, enjoying the bargaining session with seller in quite different way by applying discount coupons ;-). Home delivery, easy returns if needed. That's why I say "My wardrobe is in My Hands". From caps to boots, T's, belt, jeans, chinos, shorts, shades, shirts, suits, ties, bags you name it, you have itSimply perfect, for Guys like me who are always in hurry but also want to be on top of Style world, and surprisingly most of you are like me.

Necessity is the mother of invention and at present, the time demands us to go mobile and on the other hand Fashion is heart of modern civilization, so what we need is Fashion on the go!  And so Mobile Shopping is the new In.

Any time anywhere, need of the moment or greed of the moment, doesn't matter just use your mobile and you have it. 

Enjoy Shopping!!! ;-)

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