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Jack Daniel's Masterclass in India

Whisky or Whiskey ,what's correct  ? This has been the point of debate of decades. Experts have gone to the very roots of the drink to find it out. From its origin, to distillation process, to the country its made in, there is not even a single stone has not been turned. But is it that difficult ? For me the dilemma gets easily solved whenever I sit with my friends and Friend of all : Jack Daniel's.
Oh Yehh !!! Jack Daniel's is a Whiskey  though the actual reason is its origin which is America but for me the reason is the word "Key"  which unlocks the heart of every one who is enjoying it together. 
To take this joy beyond limits "Friend Of Jack" program has been launched in India !

Well there were many more such mysteries related to Jack Daniel's which got solved by Mr. Chris Fletcher himself, like the story behind such a unique name "Old No. 7", reason behind having only one distillery in Lynchburg etc.

Here I am with Mr. Chris Fletcher : Assistant Master Distiller at Jack Daniel Distillery, the one expert you must know if you love Whiskey. 

So now lets just get to what all happened and what secrets were revealed at Jack Daniel's Master Class.
We started with tasting session, the three glass shown above had the three most famous variety of Jack Daniel's. First from left is Gentleman's Jack then Old No.7 and Silver Select single barrel.

The best way suggested to taste a whiskey is to have it on tip of your tongue it will spread out through the whole mouth  giving you the exact feel of the malt. In short if I conclude the taste,  Gentleman Jack was too smooth(reason : it is charcoal mellowed twice) and it is full bodied with fruit and spices which gives it a silky, warm and pleasant taste.

Jack Daniel's Silver Select comes from hand selected barrels and is one-of-a-kind flavor, the taste is robust with notes of toasted oak, vanilla and caramel.
Old No. 7, the iconic and original whiskey of the distillery, loved by millions all over the world for its round and balanced flavor. 

Now lets go through some of the facts related with Jack Daniel's :
1. Jack Daniel's is dripped slowly, drop-by-drop, through ten feet of firmly packed charcoal before going into new charred oak barrels for maturing
2. The charcoal used is produced by Jack Daniel's  themselves to ensure that the actual flavor remains preserved and is unaffected of charcoal carbon.
3. In-fact the fuel used to light the charcoal is Jack Daniel's whiskey it self. 
4. This special step of charcoal mellowing makes Jack Daniel's a Tennessee Whiskey and renders it a rare smoothness.

Jack Daniel’s is one of the world’s most popular brands with a unique production process, carefully kept consistent for over 140 years at a single distillery in Lynchburg in United States. The American Whiskey category has seen a growth rate of over 20% in the last decade in India, with Jack Daniel’s leading this growth.

Jack Daniel's says : Everyday we make it, We'll make it, The Best we can.
Dear Friends, enjoy it but Responsibly !

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