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My Jeans, My Style By IML Jeans !!!

You know why Denims trousers are also called as Jeans ? Its because Denims are now in our biological genes as well ;) Its ok that you didn't laugh on that but actually its a fact now ! Weather its men's or women's , a closet can't be complete without Jeans.

Ill talk about men's closet , one which is always difficult to fill. Just go to a denim store and look for jeans, you will see blue, black, white and faded, that's it options are over. But We want more, our hunger cant be satisfied with just this.

IML Jeans came up with a solution for that. IML stand for "Its My Life", the bespoke jeans brand hosted a jeans makeover workshop on 26th June at The Young Star Academy in Chattarpur, Delhi.
The event was one of its kind. They asked me to bring my favorite jeans along and IML's experts will remodel it to something I have dreamed about.

Martin was the men I met there, he is the bespoke-expert and men-stylist. We shared a lot of thoughts over jeans modification, alteration and complete makeover. IML provided a lot of options there to modify your jeans with like patterned cloth pieces, chains, buttons etc. There was a whole panel sitting for hearing your ideas and implement them.

Overall I loved the concept and the way IML Jeans has brought that up. Customized jeans is one great way to wear your attitude, just the way you like it. Just go to select your jeans, book an appointment with their bespoke expert and your dream jeans will be at your doorstep.
Amazing isn't it.

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