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Back seat of my Bike

Wroom Wroom bike engine fired up! Foohhh-oo Cool wet breeze kissing your face ! Chhsss-ss Its light rain and water droplets dripping on your heated up engine vaporizing to steam ! Tank all filled up and shining high ! The exhaust is  blowing fire out  and Hell Yehhhh... Your Sexy bike is all set to take you for a long ride. 

By now you have created the picture in you mind. Sexy isn't it? But its still incomplete !
Because God's most beautiful creation is not yet in the scene. No matter how hot you are looking With your bike, it won't be outstanding until the spice comes in 3:-))

What happened guys ?? Latino Heat rising up on your head. I agree Bikes and Bitches are one deadly combination. No offence with that word ladies but I have experienced it, girls too have a weakness for hot bikes. It brings there wild side out and the heat rises so high that a light hearted might burn down to ashes.

You have to be a Bad Bad Boy to handle these two hot curves at the same time. Being Bad doesn't mean rude or disrespectful. It's about being nice with a Devil in your mind. "The Devil" who knows what to do, when to do and how to do, so  that it doesn't end like just a ride but a Roller Coaster Ride ;-)

A Guy's love for bikes and babes can never end. I have expressed my way of loving them in this post and trust me the way they love me back is Amazingly Awesome !!!

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