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Hairy Beast II

Its time to howl again Guys !!! After your great response over Hairy Beast I'm up with the continuation post Hairy Beast II. So lets do it together Aaaaaauuuuu...!!! Yeah now the monster is Up and ready to rumble. 

As we all know that this monster is one sexy creation of God and is blessed with every charm that turns a girl on ! From Physique to Feelings , Strength to Skin, Heart to Hairs, in every criteria we excel. Its like Harry Potter's Love Potion is in our genes.

But the charm doesn't work until it is used in right way.

We are hairy and sometimes we feel like its bad, but its not ! If you flaunt it right they will not just attract but will also be a great turn on for girls.

In Hairy Beast I we already discussed where to avoid hairs. Lets see where we should have and how.

Starting from the most important ones 

1. Chest :

Hairy Chest is a sign of real men. When girls hug a men, most of the time they lay their head on his chest. It gives them comfort and a feel of security. And when its hairy the feeling is amplified. So keep them soft, dont shave your chest hairs as it will make them hard and pointy and spikes are a turn off.

2. Facial hair: Beard
I have talked about beard a lot in my post :

3. Hands & Legs
Its your fur let it be soft and silky, don't let them go curly. If they are too dense then use wheat and turmeric ubtan once in a week.

4. Armpits : 
Hairy armpit, good or bad ? 

This is debatable. Its like 60-40 ratio of girls in like and dislike of it so we can't generalize weather you should have it hairy or clean. But important point here is Hygiene. Armpits are the sweat centre of our body. If you have many hairs in your armpits then they will hold more sweat and germs that sweat contains. So its my personal suggestion that avoid or have it small there and keep it properly clean and dry. The same applies for one more location but at present im not going into its details, might be in future I will .

So guys be Kind , be Wild be the Man she dream in Devine.

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