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Should Men celebrate Woman's Day ?

Gender inequality has always been among us, no matter which country you are from, which society you belong, which color-creed you have, it has affected us all. How and Why, majorly depends on current situation of India or rather say dramatically and exponentially developing India where laws are made for the betterment of society but are implemented in a way that the betterment stays to the chosen few.

It is said that the time when India started its journey towards being a developed country, it was a male dominant society. I don't agree with the statement completely as I can never forget the names of Great and Brave Ladies : Rani Laxmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi and many more who gave there sweat and blood to build what India is now. Throughout the history you will find thousands of examples where Women proved their metal. You may pick any field you want politics, sports, wrestling, science, technology, business everywhere you will find women triumphing the golden ladders of success. Then why we say it's a male dominant society ? Is it actually or just a rumor ? Do all men feel happy to celebrate Woman's day ? Why do we even celebrate such a day ? Why every college, offices, societies are celebrating it so blithely ? Why no one celebrates Man's Day that willingly ? 

There are so many such questions that guys have in there mind but they never speak off. You know why ? Its because every Guy who has these question in mind has been a victim of Gender Inequality. Strange but true ! We Men also suffer. Laws for women are very powerful but with great power comes great responsibility. Not every women can handle it and thus misuse it. That's the point where indifference occurs and unintentionally deepens the roots of gender inequality.

Now answer : Should Men celebrate Woman's Day ?

I say YES ! We should not be against it because we faced some injustice but we should be with it to spread awareness so that this injustice doesn't happen with anyone else. We should not celebrate Woman's day in some shopping mall buying some unwanted stuff(Women's day exclusive) or party in dics or pub etc. We should celebrate it complimenting the achievements of ladies around us and spreading awareness among those who actually need it. 

And one more thing don't forget to  thank your Mother, Wife, Sister and Friend for their unbiased and unparalleled love, care, affection and friendship. They are the one who gave you life and made you what you are Toady.

Happy Woman's Day !

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