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Wooba from Da Milano

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging is my passion but by profession I am a Software Engineer. Now being at the two very different ends I always need to maintain perfect balance between my fun-filled fashionista life and stress filled nerd life. Seminars, meetings, summits always keep me on toes and so I keep fashion on my tips. I always look for stuff that's new, fresh, stylish, matches my style and fulfill the purpose efficiently. Wooba from Da Milano has come up as one-stop destination for my search of Bags.

Wooba has got exquisite range of laptop bags , bag pack, executive bags with a fresh touch of style and durability. Each bag is capacious with multi-purpose pockets and dividers making it an ideal stress free companion for both business and leisure travelers. 

 Well that's not it ! At the launch of Wooba collection by Da Milano there was one more bag that caught my eye. It was the travel trolley. Beautiful and elegant design, soothing color combination, light weight and durable. Every guy would love to have one of these. 

Well I went for the one which I would love to carry all the time weather it will be a business meeting or an outing. 

Which one would you like to go for ? ;-) 

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