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Finding the Summer Soul in Denims

Summers !!! They are not gonna end soon. Sun is raising his hotness bar and so are we. If he is Hot we are Hotter. The fashion we do and the comfort level which we have in it actually regulates the mood. 

Talking about My fashion sense I love to keep it simple yet attractive. I prefer to go for basics but if it has got some tweak I am gonna love it ! Most important is comfort, If you are feeling comfortable then you will carry your outfit like a pro and will be playing unscripted. For summer fashion trends I have pointers like outfit should be simple, attractive and comfortable. A brand that has perfect blend of all the above qualities is John Players !

Their new Summer Soul denim range has high style quotient and is light weight which simulated my fashion neurons. It will make you pull on the swagger even when the sun is at its peak. Pairing it with high collar T-Shirt and lofars will gonna make you look flamboyant !

Rock and Rolla, True Dark and Vintage Denim are few others from the high-toned range John Players has for you in stores . Through there wide range #JPJ has covered all aspects of Fashion and has provided every flavor a Man would love to try on himself. But in every JPJ you will find a sense of being groovy, sassy and chivalrous.

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