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Take your selfie obsession to another level with Vivo V5 !

Its my love, my passion, a joy full hobby, my compassion, sounds a bit crazy but it's also my profession, taking selfies is just not obsession.

Yes I'm a fashion and lifestyle blogger and pictures are the heart and soul of my blogging. Every post that I write first is seen then read which makes beauty of the post more important than its taste. 
So Point 1 : I must have a gadget which clicks amazing pictures.

My lifestyle is full of glamour and stardom. You will never know in advance that which celebrity you are about to meet next. Store launch, collection launch, anniversary celebration etc etc anywhere anytime you will see yourself standing aside a celebrity. This is the moment where you can't afford to miss a chance of taking selfie with them.
So Point 2 : The Gadget must be a handy cellphone with amazing front cam, because you don't want to look idiot clicking selfie with a DSLR.

Now comes the best part of my profession Page3 parties. These parties are perfect depiction of "Hakuna Matata"!!! An unimaginable combination of Glamour, Fashion, Fun, Music, Dance , Drinks and what not. It's like losing yourself in an unknown third world. Why party is unique in itself and every time the bar is raised to next level but there is one thing common to all of them. Night, Yes these parties reach to their actual charm when the magic of Night is added to them. Now that's a problem for me coz taking selfie at night in a club or at  rooftop is like
Expecting a colorful painting by drawing it with only black paint.
So Point 3: Should be able to take selfie at night/in dark.

So when I'm sorted with what I want and I started to hunt for one, there was just one that came up. Vivo V5 a superb selfie cellphone with amazing 20 MP front cam with led Flash. Its all you need for a beautiful moonlight selfie. Now, it doesn't matter where I am , what time it is, I have Vivo V5 all what it takes to click a perfect picture. 

Just have a look at this video, you will know what it is capable of :) 

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