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"Wedding" should be called as Fashion Saga

"A boy has swag, A man has style, and a gentleman has class."
Boy, Man, Gentleman three different phases of a Man's life, lived and enjoyed separately. But there comes a time when you have to live them all together and we call that time "Marriage". Yes I'm getting married! This winter I am stepping into a new life but leaving the last one. I just left the boy hood and presented myself as a Man and now I have to prove myself a Gentleman. All of this and what I have got is 3 Days of Marriage!
Dressed like a Boy for the Bachelor party, Like a Man for Sangeet and Mehendi and Gentleman for the Wedding;Big Challenge Aye!
Ya I thought the same and was a bit worried too but, as it’s said “when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it". And guess where I got the solution of all: RaymondNext:
You ask How?
Let's go through the solution of my dilemma and you might get the solution for yours as well.

Swagger Boy: In peak twenties, swag reaches to a whole new level topped with confidence, attitude and style. At this time Bachelor Party sounds like “Do it now or Die”. Every guy wants to flaunt his caliber of carrying an outfit which is High Street, trendy and Cool

Style of a Man: Next step to transformation, from a Boy to a Man. It’s best to go for semi formals at this time. Neither too shiny nor too plane. Be Elegant is the motto at this moment.

Class of a Gentleman: The most important one because this is the one in which I'll be presenting myself to my life partner. Classy, stylish and outstanding  are the basic characteristics here for Groom’s dress here.
Now I have a vague Idea of all the dresses and outfits I’ll be wearing throughout my wedding but what exactly and where to find it was still a big question.

This Big question was answered in the simplest form by the Theme wise categorization of looks and products by RaymondNext . Simple and self explanatory themes helped a lot in sorting the perfect one for the occasion. Themes are like
    1. Man on the Move
    2. Spotlight Events
    3. Leisure Weekends
    4. Work to Play
    5. Wedding and Festive
    6. Gifting
So now you know where you have to look for the perfect Sangeet Sherwani: Wedding and Festive Theme, Wedding reception suit: Spotlight Events Theme, Honeymoon: Leisure Weekends Theme,Gifts: obviously Gifting . Mesmerizing feature, Isn't it!

At my wedding holding brands like Raymond, ColorPlus, ParkAvenue, Parx proved itself as a one stop solution for all needs and deeds.
So if you are going to your friend’s or relative’s marriage or party or your own, you know where to shop for all ;)

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