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Next Level Of Munching !

Do you enjoy BBQ parties?  I am a party animal and BBQ parties are my favorite ones as in such parties I am able to make my bond stronger with my guests. A week back we had BBQ party at my place in the garden area and my aunt got Terra Chips as munchies. Initially I was not very convinced with the idea but after tasting them I was the one who was fighting for the last chip bit left in packet.

Starting with Mediterranean flavor, it is delightfully thick in texture and is my personal favorite when it comes to dipping. The ingredients list on the packet motivates me to have more and more without feeling guilty as it has a mix of root vegetables, onion powder, lemon etc. It tastes good and is healthy as well.

Moving on to blues flavor. My aunt never tasted it but like the packaging so much that she just wanted to feed her taste buds with sinful blue potatoes and sea salt. This flavor has crunchy texture and nutty taste which drives the urge in you to JUST NOT STOP

Last but not the least the "original" flavor. I never thought chips kissed with beet juice would taste so good. This flavor has the taste of glorious late summer orange which makes it one of my favorites too. I am in love with these flavors and will buy a bag of these next time I head to the supermarket.

If you want to know more and want to be updated with what TERRA Chips is next up to, visit their Facebook page at this link

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